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Re: License for documentation

> 2. The main feature of the GPL are mechanisms to ensure that "the
>  preferred form for making modifications to the work" will always
>  be available to everyone who gets a copy. The license in the
>  manual explicitly allows distribution of hardcopies without
>  also distributing the .texi source.

That is a second license intended to make an exception for the case of
printed manuals and texinfo output. It's entirely absurd to suppose that
FSF would distribute a manual with technical content that could not be

| ... It is also no problem to ... have entire sections that may not be
| deleted or changed, as long as these sections deal with nontechnical
| topics. (Some GNU manuals have them.)

This is because many of the manuals include the GPL by reference. The text
of the GPL itself is not under the GPL.



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