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Re: KDE liscence question

On Tue, Jun 15, 1999 at 08:13:46PM -0000, bruce@perens.com wrote:
> How about a license that borrows a trick from the LGPL: it allows distribution
> as a derivative work of a QPL-2.0-licensed program, and is convertible to the
> GPL at any time.

Yes, that's the plan.

> I haven't put serious thought into this yet, but I'd think it could be made
> to keep the GPL-enthusiasts (me among them) happy.

CosmicRay and Crow- (two more) seem to think it's promising-sounding... 
First thing I did was start with the GPL and build an outline of what it

  0. The GPL applies to the software and documentation and stuff
  1. Verbatim copying is allowed, you can charge for it if you want
  2. You may modify the software under these conditions:
     a. You keep changelogs
     b. The modifications are GPL
     c. Copyright notice is there if appropriate
  3. You may distribute modifications if:
     a. Source is included
     b. You offer to supply source at cost
     c. You pass on an offer to supply source (non-commercial only)
  4. You're only allowed to copy under the GPL's terms
  5. Copying the software means you agree to the GPL's terms
  6. The GPL carries to anyone you copy to, you can't change it
  7. If you can't legally copy under this license, don't
  8. If the author legally has to limit distribution, it's limited
  9. The FSF might publish a new GPL
  10. If you want to use this with non-GPL code, get permission first

And I figure I can work from there without using direct language from the
GPL (which the GPL prohibits...)

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