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Re: bzflag license

>   3. A reasonable fee may be charged to copy this software.  Any fee
>      may be charged to support this software.  This software may be
>      distributed as part of a larger (possibly commercial) software
>      distribution provided that no claim of ownership of this software
>      is made.  However, no fee may be charged for the software itself.

This doesn't make it non-free for the same reason it doesn't make Artistic
non-free; it's totally meaningless. how does one distinguish between a fee
for copying the software and a fee for the software itself? if you can find
a way to give me the software without copying it, then we may have to speak
to the upstrem (and we should anyway, seeing as how that clause is really
useless and very naive), but for now it's fine.

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need a pretty good cause" -- Queensryche, "Revolution Calling"
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