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Re: 6 GPL'ed Packages that depend on XForms.

"Marcelo E. Magallon" wrote:

> May I point out the existance of FLTK? 

You may.  I did also in my post.
>                                         It _was_ XForms compatible, but my
> understanding is it's not anymore.  In any case, FLTK should be _similar_ to
> XForms, and in _theory_ it shouldn't be that hard to substitute XForms code
> with FLTK code.  FLTK is LGPL.

I tried with one of my packages and got nowhere.  Unfortunately,
I don't even code for XForms, I just packaged stuff I used, so
I'm not the best suited to do the port.  This port excercise was
done for pcmcia-cs, and I promised myself to take the time to see
what was involved (looks non-trivial).

The job might be trivial for someone who eally knows what they
are doing, and I for one would love to see the end result.
Perhaps I should post such a request for help on -devel, but that
is beside the point anyway.  We need a good add-on clause for the


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