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Re: ITP: xslideshow

Mon, 31 May 1999 23:47:43 -0700, David Starner <dstarner98@aasaa.ofe.org> wrote about Re: ITP: xslideshow (<>):
dstarner98> At 03:39 PM 6/1/99 +0900, Kenshi Muto wrote:
dstarner98> >License:
dstarner98> >--------------------------------------------------------------------
dstarner98> >                      Xslideshow
dstarner98> >        Copyright 1993-1997 by Susumu Shiohara
dstarner98> >                   All Rights Reserved
dstarner98> >
dstarner98> >-- from Copyright --
dstarner98> >
dstarner98> >Permission to use, copy, modify, distribute, and sell this software and
dstarner98> >its documentation for any purpose is hereby granted without fee,
dstarner98> >provided that the above Copyright notice appear in all copies and that
dstarner98> >both that Copyright notice and this permission notice appear in
dstarner98> >supporting documentation, and that the name of EPSON or SEIKO EPSON not
dstarner98> >be used in advertising or publicity pertaining to distribution of the
dstarner98> >software without specific, written prior permission.
dstarner98> >SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION makes no representations about the suitability
dstarner98> >of this software for any purpose.  It is provided "as is" without express
dstarner98> >--------------------------------------------------------------------
dstarner98> >

dstarner98> Why? It looks like a fairly normal XFree style license.

Hmm, certainly it seems no problem in this copyright....

But, README file (written in Japanese) says
  "This software is free software. No limitation for any purpose.
  You don't distribute this with "fee" without author's permission.
  See copyright about modifing and redistributing source."

I'll ask upstream author about this difference.

Kenshi Muto

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