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Re: ITP: xengine

Richard Braakman <dark@xs4all.nl> writes:

   >    >         Permission to use, copy, modify and distribute without charge this
   >    >         software, documentation, images, etc. is granted, provided that this 
   >    >         comment and the author's name is retained.  The author assumes no 
   >    >         responsibility for lost sleep as a consequence of use of this software.
   > *sigh*.  This comes up about once a week now.  The statement above,
   > and similar, are generally interpreted that there is no charge to
   > distribute it, not that you must not charge for it.
   Hmm, the usual phrase is "without fee".  And it's not placed right
   after "distribute".  I think this instance does refer to distribution.
   "Distribute without charge" is a normal phrase, as is "License without
   fee".  Switch them around and it's not so normal anymore.

You have a point.  I withdraw my argument.  The upstream author should
be asked for clarification.

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