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Re: ilu-base: ILU's license has changed. It's free now.

Sorry, this is really late, but I did not see this thread before...

On Wed, Apr 21, 1999 at 11:35:28PM -0500, John Hasler wrote:

> I know nothing of what the "GNU folks" requested.  The license was posted
> to debian-legal and we commented on it.  I had never seen the license
> before.  I doubt Henning had either.

Either way we should tell RMS to look a bit more thorough if he really wants
more software be free. Or people should ask on a Debian mailing list instead
of asking "GNU folks" ,-)

> > I feel that if I work on this clause, who knows what you folks will
> > object to next?
> Nothing, in my case.  I can't speak for your "GNU folks".  Get rid of that
> clause and your software could go into Debian, should anyone choose to
> package it.

In fact it is already packaged. Matthias Klose made the package and I recently
became its maintainer. I would really like it to go into main but I know I
can't without this clause being removed.

> I would like to see a a legal opinion on that clause.  It is possible that
> it has no effect at all.  If so, the license is already DFSG compliant.

Too bad but I am not a lawyer... I guess it will not have any impact in Iraq
(I don't think anybody there cares about US laws), but probably it is of
interest in Germany...


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