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Re: A Data License

sounds to me like what you want is either the artistic licence, which is
rather readable, and has few nastinesses (none in fact that are meaningful).
the gnu gpl is also pretty close to what you want, especially if you want to
really prevent people from for instance applying changes to your maps and
making those changes proprietary.

both of these licences fail somewhat in that they're heavily software
oriented. i think rms really needs to make some free documentation/data
licences, esp. as he goes on a lot about the necessity of free docs.

if you don't like either the artistic or gpl (or even the perl trick of
allowing them to be distributed under the terms of either), you may want to
consider an x11- or bsd-style licence (if you pick the bsd, be sure to knock
out the advertising clause (paragraph 3), and add requirements for notice of

another one you may want to consider is the licence w3c is using for their
standards... there was a thread about it in debian-legal a while ago, which
should be in the archives with a reference.

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