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Intent to package: Puzzle ([Biology] Reconstruction of phylogenetic trees)

[Please Cc: my personal address, I'm far from my normal mail and have 
difficulties reading Debian lists.]

[Cc: to debian-legal because there is a small legal problem. Advices about it 
should go to debian-legal, not debian-devel.]

I intent to package the Puzzle program, which is a biology program to 
reconstruct phylogenetic trees by maximum likelihood. It is recent and seems 
quite often quoted.

The Web page is <http://members.tripod.de/korbi/puzzle/>.

No technical difficulties, no funny dependencies.

Puzzle's licence is GPL (details in the distribution).


>   The whole package
>   is licenced under the GNU public licence, except for the parts
>   indicated in the sources where the copyright of the authors does not
>   apply.

Grepping through the source code, I find no place where there is a copyright 
other than the authors (which agree with the Debian packaging, but did not 
give me the names of these phantom authors). I assume I can go on with GPL.

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