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Re: Bug#37599: jdk1.1: no permission to distribute

>>>>> "Richard" == Richard Braakman <dark@xs4all.nl> writes:

    Richard> Package: jdk1.1 Version: 1.1.7v1a-2 Severity: grave

    Richard> According to its license, we're not allowed to distribute
    Richard> this package at all: (caps mine)

    Richard> 1. Limited License Grant. Sun grants to you ("Licensee")
    Richard> a non-exclusive, non-transferable limited license to use
    Richard> the Software without fee for evaluation of the Software
    Richard> and for development of Java(tm) compatible applets and
    Richard> applications. Licensee may make one archival copy of the
    Richard> Software and may re-distribute complete, unmodified
    Richard> copies of the Software to software developers within
    Richard> Licensee's organization to avoid unnecessary download
    Richard> time, provided that this License conspicuously appear
    Richard> with all copies of the Software. Except for the
    Richard> WHOLE OR IN PART, either separately or included with a
    Richard> product. Refer to the Java Runtime Environment Version
    Richard> 1.1.7 binary code license
    Richard> (http://java.sun.com/products/JDK/1.1/index.html) for the
    Richard> availability of runtime code which may be distributed
    Richard> with Java compatible applets and applications.

However, the

  JDK Version 1.1.x Internal Noncommercial Use Source License1 of 4
  Nov 10, 1998

which I have signed states, in part

  1.2 Sun grants to Licensee the royalty-free right to distribute
  binary code developed and compiled from the Licensed Software in
  accordance with Subsection 1.1 above ("Derived Binaries"), provided
  that: (i) Derived Binaries are not integrated, bundled, combined or
  associated in any way with a product, (ii) there is no charge
  associated with such distribution, (iii) Derived Binaries are fully
  compatible with the then-current version of the publicly available
  test suite supplied by Sun which verifies Java compatibility
  ("JavaTest Suite") and must remain compatible with subsequent
  versions of the JavaTest Suites and upgraded Licensed Software, and
  (iv) Derived Binaries are distributed subject to a license agreement
  containing terms and conditions at least as protective of Sun as
  those included in the binary code license used by Sun for internet
  distribution of the Java binaries. In the event that Licensee
  desires that such distribution be fee-based, or be associated with a
  product, Licensee must execute a commercial license agreement with

Therefore, such binaries as I produce may be legitimately distributed
in non-free, as they have been for some time.  If you would prefer to
have the source licence added to the package, I'm happy to do that.

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