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Re: YAL (Yet another license)

> > The quick glance I gave this [OpenXML Public License (Draft)] didn't seem
> > to uncover any problems, but since it is long and convoluted I figured
> > I'd post it here to get some more eyes on it.
> Looks like the GPL rewritten by a lawyer being paid by the word.  I'd say
> it is free, and almost GPL compatible.

hm, does the gpl require the distributor of a derived work to give licence
to all applicable patents they own? i think that's a nice feature. the legal
file requirement is potentially problematic (since it forces a particular
name) but i don't think it makes a difference. btw, this licence looks an
awful lot like another one we looked at a while ago, which one was it and
what did we decide about that one?

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