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Re: Interesting Licensing Issue -- Crafty

Paul Serice writes:
> Again assuming an otherwise Debian free license, can Prof. Hyatt add a
> restriction that all chess tournaments entries based upon his original
> source be clearly labeled and entered as "Crafty" or "a Crafty clone" and
> still be Debian free.

Have you pointed out to Prof. Hyatt that the sort of people hs is worried
about are unlikely to even read his license, let alone obey it?

> Of special importance here I believe would be paragraph 4 which states in
> part, "The license may require derived works to carry a different name or
> version number from the original software."

But it does not say "The license may require derived works to carry a
specific name."

Assume that I take crafty and improve it beyond recognition, replacing
almost all of Prof. Hyatt's code with my own work.  You would require me to
identify the result as a crafty clone?
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