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[jw@witch.westfalen.de: Re: LDP Licence, was: Re: my decision about LDP licence]

I' m sorry for the delay in this answer...
i have surf on the page of Debian documentation project but
i have not found a  licence...
now i forward your message on debian-legal, maybe somebody
can help you...

for the list:

Jutta is looking for a licence for his HOWTO on wine program,
i have say him that he can use the debian documentation project
licence but he has not found a copy of this licence on  debian
site. Can anybody help him ? Can anybody answer to his questions ?

(i think that my english is not correct sintatically)

best regards

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In <19990428011149.C1331@akela.andrea.org> on Wed, 28 Apr 1999
01:11:49 +0200, you wrote:

>imho you can use two licence, one il the licence of debian
>documentation project and the other the licence of wine ...

Sorry for not answering in the list. But as you cc´d to me, our
mail-to-news seams not to be working correctly.

That´s okay. But where do I find the "licence of debian documentation
project"? I tried to find it either under /usr/doc/copyright or at the
homepage of the debian documentation project. But I only found gpl and
others. Even in the documents at ddp-site there where different
copyright notices.

And what is this:
_ 1998 Software in the Public Interest and individual contributors. ?

Found it in "Debian Tutorial".

You may answer in the list, if you want. But I cannot make a reply to
an email to the newsgroup, the list is stored in.



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Andrea Fanfani

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