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Re: licence of LDP

John Hasler wrote:
> Andrea Fanfani writes:
> > Now I have to package the other guides (user guide, network guide, kernel
> > guide etc. etc.). this books are under the licence of ldp... and I need a
> > definitive opinion: the licence of linux documentation project is or not
> > DFSG compliant ?
> The _Linux Programmers Guide_ is non-free because its license contains
> this:  "If you make money with it the authors want a share."
i want a pony. that doesn't seem very binding to me. 

> BTW the LDP license contradicts itself somewhat in that it forbids
> derivatives while permitting partial copies.

haven't read it myself, but does it prohibit derivatives or modifications
from the original? it could mean you may distribute parts of the document
verbatim, with nothing added. still probably not what the authors wanted,
but a bit more sensical.

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