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Re: Bug#35980: OmniORB package missing Sun License and should be considered non-free

Brent Fulgham <bfulgham@xpsystems.com> wrote:
> Please note that omniORB currently consists of 3 packages:
> omniorb
> omniorb-devel
> omniorb-doc.
> This is as of 2.7.1-4, which should be landing in "unstable" as soon as the
> archive maintainer adds the new splits to the override file.
> Only omniorb-devel has the IDL compiler in it.  Consequently, when the
> archive has been properly configured by the maintainer, I will upload -5
> with revised license info.  omniorb-devel will go to non-free, the others
> will remain in "main".
> I have contacted upstream maintainers to ask for their opinion.

Unless there is an alternative IDL compiler that allows people to
put together applications for omniorb, I think omniorb and omniorb-doc
should be in contrib.


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