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Re: Intent to package xmemos

Peter S Galbraith wrote:
> Darren Benham wrote:
> > The most recent version of Lyx had a license change (I am told) for the
> > very same reason.
> No. The current version has had a _clarification_ added, but is
> still very much GPLed (without additional clauses).  See the
> Debian package or http://www.lyx.org/license.html

I do see. But it's not GPL'ed. The clarification makes that very clear,
IMO. The clarification is an addendum to the license and changes the
terms of the license ("The terms of the GPL apply save where they
conflict with this statement.")

> In any case, there's a bug reported againsr xwatch but none
> against lyx.  See my point?

But there was a bug reported against it when it was fully GPL'ed. I
think the license and clarification make it clear that it's acceptable
to link non-free libraries against it. If the author changes xwatch's
license in the same way that lyx's was changed, then Debian should be
satisfied. Better yet, if there is only one author, change the license
to LGPL or MPL or something else.

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