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Re: What exactly is Derivative ?

Paul Nathan Puri wrote:
> > However, the author of the GPLed work or the author of the GPL have the
> > right to change the meaning of 'derivative' to suit their own purposes.

Richard Braakman <dark@xs4all.nl> wrote:
> Where does the author get this right?  If my work is not a derivative
> of the GPL'd work, under copyright law, then how can the terms of the
> GPL (including its definition of 'derivative') possibly affect me?  
> Remember, I have not signed any contract with the author.

There's a basic definition of "derived", mostly based on how copyrights
have worked for quite some time with books and music, and the author
(or copyright holder) may freely elect to not enforce the full scope of
this concept.

I don't think that Paul way even trying to imply that the author of
work A has any rights on the completely independent work B.


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