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Re: APSL Hidden Nasty's

On Thu, Mar 18, 1999 at 05:12:22PM +0000, Jules Bean wrote:
> There's a big difference between a contract, and a license.  (Well, maybe
> it's a pretty small difference, actually...).

Au contraire, there is NO difference.  A License to use Copyrighted
material is in fact a contract.

> Are you saying that under-16s can legally duplicate books?  Magazines?
> Sell other people's photos? Build and sell machines which violate patents?
> AFAIK, minors aren't allowed to violate a copyright any more than any one
> else.  It would be nice to hear a lawyer on this, though.

Minors can not legally be held to contracts in the US, however in the
real world you just watch as this big corporate finds some excuse to sue
their parents....

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