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Updating the Artistic License


At the request of Antti-Juhani, I plan to update the
/usr/doc/copyright/Artistic license in base-files to the latest one, which
I would take from the current perl source package.

Before doing so, I made a diff, and found the following differences:

The following paragraph is *removed* from the preamble:

  It also grants you the rights to reuse parts of a Package in your own
  programs without transferring this License to those programs, provided
  that you meet some reasonable requirements.

In point 5, the following paragraph is added:

  You may embed this Package's interpreter within
  an executable of yours (by linking); this shall be construed as a mere
  form of aggregation, provided that the complete Standard Version of the
  interpreter is so embedded.

The old point 7, which is the following:

  7. You may reuse parts of this Package in your own programs, provided that
  you explicitly state where you got them from, in the source code (and, left
  to your courtesy, in the documentation), duplicating all the associated
  copyright notices and disclaimers. Besides your changes, if any, must be
  clearly marked as such. Parts reused that way will no longer fall under this
  license if, and only if, the name of your program(s) have no immediate
  connection with the name of the Package itself or its associated programs.
  You may then apply whatever restrictions you wish on the reused parts or
  choose to place them in the Public Domain--this will apply only within the
  context of your package.

is *removed*, and instead there is a new point 7 saying:

  7. C subroutines (or comparably compiled subroutines in other
  languages) supplied by you and linked into this Package in order to
  emulate subroutines and variables of the language defined by this
  Package shall not be considered part of this Package, but are the
  equivalent of input as in Paragraph 6, provided these subroutines do
  not change the language in any way that would cause it to fail the
  regression tests for the language.

Point 8 and 9 become 9 and 10 respectively, and there is a new point 8

  8. Aggregation of this Package with a commercial distribution is always
  permitted provided that the use of this Package is embedded; that is,
  when no overt attempt is made to make this Package's interfaces visible
  to the end user of the commercial distribution.  Such use shall not be
  construed as a distribution of this Package.

That's all.

The question: Does this license still allow reusability of code?

[ I have some doubts because of the parts that were removed, that's
  why I ask ].


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