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Re: What exactly is Derivative ?

Previously vaidhy@wwdg.com wrote:
>   I am planning to right a book on Debian. If I read the Debian User's
>   Manual and add it to the list of references, is my book a derivative?

Only if you do things like copy parts of the text to your book I think.

The derivate-question itself has much more interesting examples. For
example for which of the following examples is A a derivative of B?

1) program A, statically linked with a library B
2) program A, dynamically linker with a library B
3) program A, only using header-files from library B
4) program A, which can load library B on demand
5) program A, which cannot run without having package B installed
6) program A, which can only be installed using package B
7) manual A, which documents the behaviour of package B
8) program A, which is a wrapper for program B
9) program A, which runs program B to do implement some of its
10) there is no 10, but it sounded like a nice number :)


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