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Re: The Logo issue...

On Sat, Mar 13, 1999 at 11:05:57AM +0000, Jules Bean wrote:
> >   Should people be able to use a "Powered by Debian" logo?  Sure.
> >   Should people be able to use our logo on Debian CDs?  Sure.
> >   Should they be able to use it on Debian+books?  Sure.
> >   Debian + non-debian?  If it's used in a manner related to Debian, sure.
> >   On a tshirts/hats/coffee mugs/whatever?  If related to Debian, sure.
> >   As a hyperlink pointing to our website?  Of course!
> >   As the logo or part of the logo for your own company?  Likely no.
> Intel have several logos.  For example, Intel wouldn't let me put 'Intel
> Inside' on my line of AMD K6 boxes, would they..
> The point of one logo being a restricted trademark is quality control,
> basically.

Intel has a company logo and a product logo.  The product logo is the
"intel inside" thing, and they don't have "several" they have one with a
line of text under it they change.  But that's not what I've been seeing
discussed.  What I've been seeing discussed is two seperate logos.

In the case of the Intel example, the company logo would be pretty much
in our case SPI's logo.  The product logo is Debian.  Now if we want to
take the logo and stamp the word "O F F I C A L" (about like that too) at
the bottom of it, that's another matter.  What I was ranting about was
that it would not be bright to have two seperate and unrelated images. 
(or even related but not very similar)

Just my US$2(serious inflation)

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