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Re: Fair use of the word Debian

On Wed, Mar 10, 1999 at 17:45:35 -0700, Thaddeus Black wrote:
> This message is to confirm that it would indeed be acceptable for a Debian
> CD distributor to have the descriptive word Debian in its name. In the
> same way that, say, Linux System Labs has the word Linux in its name. If
> there were a reason a Debian CD distributor might not similarly be called
> Debian System Labs, or some other such name, please advise.

Quoting http://www.spi-inc.org/trademarks :
:Open Source, Open Hardware, and Debian are Registered Certification Marks
:of Software in the Public Interest, Inc. 

:The Debian trademark is managed by Debian

And Debian is organised according to its constitution

As far as I recall, there have been no resolutions regarding the use of the
"Debian" trademark so far.

[IANAL, but is "fair use" a legal term when it comes to trademarks? I'm only
aware of "fair use" as a legal term in relation to copyright.]

Tevens ben ik van mening dat Nederland overdekt dient te worden.

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