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Re: License determination

Brian Ristuccia writes:
> This sounds a lot like
[GPL splash screen clause]

Notice the 'if's in the GPL clause.  If my derivative of a GPL program is
either non-interactive or displays no announcement, I need not display a
GPL announcement.  I am free to use bits of emacs in a daemon or embedded

Notice the absence of 'if's from the Obsidian license.  If I was to use
their code in my toaster controller, I would be compelled install a display
just so I could put up the "logon screen" and "About" box.

> which leads to the about screen, which contains copyright and author
> information and is already protected from removal by clause 2c of the GPL

I see nothing in 2c of the GPL that forbids the removal of the "about
screen".  It just says that *if* there is an "about screen" then it must
display certain info.

> If he's simply trying to keep his name and copyright from being removed
> from the about screen, or prevent links to the about screen from being
> removed, this clause is probably unneccessary. If the author could be
> convinced that clause 2c already protects his interests, he might
> consider removing the extra clause and thus prevent this from being an
> issue at all.

I agree.  However, his first clause seems to completely forbid
John Hasler
john@dhh.gt.org (John Hasler)
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, WI

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