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Re: I'm a law student, just joined

On Thu, Feb 25, 1999 at 19:58:47 -0800, Paul Nathan Puri wrote:
> I'm a law student and willing to help in any way I can.

One of the most complex legal issues that free software development may be
confronted with is software patents (see e.g. http://lpf.ai.mit.edu/),
especially when dealing with international issues (e.g. If I use (in the
Netherlands) a program developed in Sweden (where software/algorithms
reputedly cannot be patented, but which I assume is a signator to WIPO) that
implements an algorithm that's patented in the US, am I in trouble?) and
broadness of patents (see mozilla.org's troubles with Wang over a
videotext-related patent).

It would be good for Debian to have (semi-)professional legal advice to fall
back on in these matters.

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