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Re: Licensing question

On Fri, 19 Feb 1999, Remco van de Meent wrote:

> Hi,
> Would this license (the one that comes with MajorCool, a webinterface to the
> Majordomo package) fit in non-free? I think so, right?
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> 1. This software is copyright the author and NCR Corp.
> 2. Maintain all copyrights and attributions.
> 3. NCR and all other contributors make no claims or guarantees
>    about this software.
> 4. Non-commercial use of this software is freely encouraged.
> 5. For commercial use of this software, you may charge for the 
>    installation and/or management, but not for the software 
>    itself. Usage in a commercial service must display the 
>    copyright prominently.
> 6. Let the author know if you plan to distribute as part of a
>    CD-ROM or other collection.
> 7. Feel free to modify, hack, and improve. Keep the author
>    informed of changes and fixes that others would find useful.
> 8. In the case where modifications are not communicated back to
>    the author, these modified instances of MajorCool must be
>    clearly marked as derivative works so as not to be confused
>    with the "true" version.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------

All we need for non-free is permission to distribute.

Unfortunately, he doesn't even give that.

Points 4 and 5 suggest that he thinks 'use' means 'distribution'.

Point 6 would appear to include an FTP site, and hence we'd need to tell

However, point 7 suggests that he is actually in favour of modifications,
so maybe he'd be amenable to considering a free license.

(discussion cc:ed to debian-legal, the correct forum for these questions)


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