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Re: Linux positioning statement for use in press inquiries (fwd)

On 4 Feb 1999, John Hasler wrote:

> Jules Bean writes:
> > However, that's not the only license which Jikes and Secure Mailer are
> > distributed under.
> > They are also distributed another another license, which is now very
> > nearly free (thanks to positive feedback from us), but still,
> > unfortunately, has an irritating clause about termination (no, not the 90
> > day one).
> Got some URL's?  A search for "Secure Mailer" near "IBM" got me this:
> http://www.ibm.com/security/html/pr_securemailer.html
> Clicking on "Download" shows me the "revocation clause" license.
> "Jikes" near "IBM" got me the URL I previously posted.

For postfix (a.k.a Secure Mailer) start reading at:

(you partook in this discussion, in fact - perhaps you haven't made the
connection yet)

For jikes start at:


Although you're probably better off scanning the whole december archive.

Bruce was plugged in to this deal, and I've taken the liberty of adding
him to the CC list - Bruce, do you know the latest on these


..beginning to regret he forwarded that damn press release..
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