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Re: Netscape and Mozilla public licenses to be updated

> > 	news://news.mozilla.org/36AF89D1.7C95097B%40netscape.com

Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@debian.org> wrote:
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Subject:       planned updates to the Netscape and Mozilla Public Licenses
       Date:   Wed, 27 Jan 1999 13:49:05 -0800
       From:   Jim Hamerly <hamerly@netscape.com>
 Organization: Netscape Communications
 Newsgroups:   netscape.public.mozilla.license

With the one year anniversary of Mozilla coming up, we are planning to
update the Netscape and Mozilla Public Licenses to deal with three
(1) correct some of the minor bugs in the original licenses
(2) revise the patent license grant (mainly sections 2.1.b and 2.2.b) to

encourage greater adoption of the Mozilla code base
(3) add anti litigation provisions to discourage patent litigation and
give developers greater defensive rights against patent plaintiffs
Here is the approximate schedule:
week of Feb 1    draft one posted with a comment period of two weeks
week of Mar 1    draft two posted, 1 week of comment/review
Weds Mar 31      license update published
The original licenses were developed with substantial and significant
participation and contributions by many of you, and we invite your
participation in this evolution of the licenses.

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