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Re: "Public Domain"

On 30-Jan-99, 19:52 (GMT), Darren Benham <gecko@darren.benham.net> wrote: 
> I thought I saw a conversation somewhere that said saying a license "is
> in the public domain" isn't good enough.  What is Debian's position on
> this WRT the DFSG?

I've always understood that placing a (formerly/potentially) copyrighted
work "in the public domain" is a statement by the author that they are
giving up all copyright rights (if that's the correct phrase), and that
anyone may use it in any way they please. For example, most US gov't
works are public domain, presumably because the US residents taxes paid
for them (yes, I know that's not universally true, that's why I wrote

As always, IANAL, and I know even less about copyright in other
countries than I do in the US. But I think any of the several websites
that describe (US) copyright law will define public domain.


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