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Re: lprng license

David Frey wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm the magicfilter maintainer and just switched to lprng to try it out.
> It is a nice package, but the license is rather strange (from the lpr manpage):
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------8<------------
> LPRng  is  distributed  under the GNU software license for
> non-commercial use, the Artistic License for limited  com­
> mercial  use.   Commerical support and licensing is avail­
> able through Patrick Powell <papowell@sdsu.edu>.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------8<------------
> This is the lprng-3.4.2 package from hamm. Has anything changed in the meanwhile?
> David
> --
> Those who do not understand Unix are condemned to reinvent it, poorly.
>   -- Henry Spencer
What's so strange? How I understand it is that you can use it under the
GPL or Artistic License. If you need support or want to include it in a
program without following the Artistic or GPL, then email him and he'll
hook you up - probably for a hefty fee. Still, completely DFSG-free.

David Starner - dstarner98@aasaa.ofe.org
Dullard: someone who, wanting a piece of information, takes down the
appropriate volume of the encyclopedia, looks up the item they need, and
then puts the volume away without reading anything else. - Peter
Dell'Orto, paraphrased from Philip Jose Farmer

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