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Re: Intent to package: olex

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Shaleh hinted that I might want to look at the Olex license. It
does put some restriction on output - which, differently from
the "buttonware" discussion a while ago, seems legitimate to me
since Olex output is full of code written by the Olex author.
So, this is the actual LICENSE.GENERATED file:

> This license applies to the source olex generates and to both the
> LookAhead.cc and the LookAhead.h file in this package.
> You may
> - apply the GNU Public License. See the LICENSE file that came
> with this package.
> - apply the Artistic License as distributed with the most current Perl.
> See http://language.perl.com/misc/Artistic.html.
> - apply a different license provided that any user reasonably has access
> to the source code of the original olex file. That she/he is allowed to
> make changes to the original olex file. That she/he is allowed to
> compile this patched olex file and that she/he can relink the resulting
> object files with your application, either statically or dynamically.
> That she/he is allowed to distribute the resulting binary, the
> intermediate object files, the changes to the olex file and the original
> to other parties who will receive the same rights.

Is this ok for main? Should I print a warning, or even maybe add
it to the package description?

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