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Mgetty should be in non-free?

The mgetty.texi file says thus:

If the program works for you, and you want to honour my efforts, you are
invited to donate as much as you want@dots{}

What I mean above with ``as long as you don't make profit directly out of
selling @code{mgetty}'' is: it is perfectly OK if you get paid for
@code{mgetty} support, or if you distribute @code{mgetty} among other
goodies on a CD-ROM collection or whatever, but if you sell @code{mgetty}
bundled with a faxmodem as ``unix fax package'' or ``with unix software!'',
or if you start selling @code{mgetty} with only minor enhancements for lots
of money, I want a share. If in doubt, just ask me.

I believe this does not meet the DSFG.

Diolch, Edward

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