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Re: GPLed gettext.

On Mon, 25 Jan 1999, Santiago Vila wrote:

> Hi.
> gettext had a security problem, Bug #28850, which has been fixed by
> Vincent Renardias in gettext_0.10.35-6.1 (NMU). (Thanks Vincent).
> However, the fix consisted in copying a set of files from libc,
> which is LGPLed, into gettext, which is GPLed.
> May be this really be done? (I think not).
> Thanks.

[from the LGPL]

3. You may opt to apply the terms of the ordinary GNU General Public
License instead of this License to a given copy of the Library.  To do
this, you must alter all the notices that refer to this License, so
that they refer to the ordinary GNU General Public License, version 2,
instead of to this License.  (If a newer version than version 2 of the
ordinary GNU General Public License has appeared, then you can specify
that version instead if you wish.)  Do not make any other change in
these notices.

I would imagine so, therefore.


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