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Re: We distribute LyX?

Montreal Sun Jan 24 09:10:52 1999

[disclaimer: all imho and all up for debate.]

Jules Bean <jmlb2@hermes.cam.ac.uk> wrote:
> > Is Debian a paying customer here?  Is it particularly appropriate for
> > Debian to approach developers in this way?  Isn't this something the
> > XForms developers can decide for themselves?
> There is no reason why we shouldn't approach them explaining why we think
> it would be a good idea.  They don't have to agree.

It's one thing if people decide to Open Source their own product of
their own accord.  Jehovah Witness/Hare Krishna tactics is a whole
other matter and does nothing to better society.  It's only a huge
annoyance for everyone and serves to discredit the "movement".

> > > That sure would move a _lot_ of stuff into main.   I doubt they
> > > make much money on it, it's mostly free anyway (as in beer).
> > 
> > Is Debian one to judge?
> No.  We can suggest though.
> > 
> > > Having sources available would make me feel better about it
> > > disappearing off the face of the earth and standing all those
> > > applications. 
> > > 
> > > Peter <psg@debian.org>
> > 
> > [Debian approaches Microsoft with Open Source (TM) proposal.  News at 11.]
> Debian has persuaded companies to open source their code before.
> And the open source movement is making some progress with both Apple and
> Sun considering open sourcing some of their product line.

Political pressure or some other form of coercion is even more

Now, there's nothing wrong with independent, non-badgering type of
promotion of your religion.  It's just aggression and badgering that I
have a problem with, personally.  People should be free to evaluate
the religion on its own merits and without any pressure.  The best
thing to do is to make the information available.


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