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Qt license okay?

I convinced a friend to release his software under a free
license, but he wanted protection in case he later decide to
commercialize a version of his software.  I suggested the Qt
license which was at version 0.92 at the time (and still is).

Is it considered DFSG-compliant?

He took the license, changed the software name for his and the
company name for his name and delete whatever refered to Qt being
a library (his software is not a library).  The result is as
follows (can it go in main? if not, what should we change?)

               AS APPLIED TO Gri Version 0.1

                 Copyright (C) 1999 Dan E. Kelley.
                     Everyone is permitted to copy and
                     distribute this license document.

This license applies to the Gri computer program, herein referred to
as the Software. This license covers modification and distribution of
the Software, use of third-party application programs based on the
Software, and development of free software which uses the Software.

                               Granted Rights

1. You are granted the rights set forth in this license provided you agree
to any and all conditions in this license. Whole or partial distribution of
the Software, or software items that link with the Software, in any form
signifies acceptance of this license.

2. You may copy and distribute the Software in unmodified form provided that
the entire package is distributed, including this License.

3. You may make modifications to the Software and distribute your
modifications, in a form that is separate from the Software, such as
patches. The following restrictions apply to modifications:

     a. Modifications must not alter or remove any copyright notices in
     the Software.

     b. When modifications to the Software are released under this
     license, a non-exclusive right is granted to the initial developer
     of the Software to distribute your modification in future versions
     of the Software provided such versions remain available under
     these terms in addition to any other license(s).

4. You may distribute machine-executable forms of the Software or
machine-executable forms of modified versions of the Software, provided that
you meet these restrictions:

     a. You must include this license document in the distribution.

     b. You must ensure that all recipients of the machine-executable
     forms are also able to receive the complete machine-readable
     source code to the distributed Software, including all
     modifications, without any charge beyond the costs of data
     transfer, and place prominent notices in the distribution
     explaining this.

     c. You must ensure that all modifications included in the
     machine-executable forms are available under the terms of this

                          Limitations of Liability

In no event shall the authors of the Software or their employers be liable
for any lost revenue or profits or other direct, indirect, special,
incidental or consequential damages, even if they have been advised of the
possibility of such damages.

                                No Warranty

The Software and this license document are provided AS IS with NO WARRANTY

Copyright (c) 1999 Dan E. Kelley

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