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Re: Your petition to GPL Qt

Joseph Carter wrote:
> 3. You may distribute modified copies if:
>     a. Mods don't change the Copyright notices
>     b. Your mods are distinguishable from the original source.  Pretty
>        much defining this the way the GPL does along with Troll Tech's
>        preferences for mods as patches when reaonable.
>     c. Mods must be available as free software.  A note that the Trolls
>        can't use stuff they can't relicense, some nice easy way to let
>        them relicense your code in exchange for making sure there is
>        always a free software version of Qt.

Here is my ungramatical none-legaleas stab at 3c.  

Modifications to this code need to bear the same license as the original
or a permission notice allowing Troll Tech to relicense the modification
as QPL.  Otherwise the modification will not be part of FreeQT since 
Both the Free and Profesional editions of QT must remain identical.

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