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Re: I'm not sure if this is free.

On Thu, 10 Dec 1998, Richard Braakman wrote:

> The package tao, currently in Incoming, has this paragraph in its license:
>   You may copy, modify, distribute, or sublicense the LICENCED PRODUCT
>   without charge as part of a product or software program developed by
>   you, so long as you preserve the functionality of interoperating with
>   the Object Management Group's "Internet Inter-ORB Protocol" version
>   one.  However, any uses other than the foregoing uses shall require
>   the express written consent of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Well, this is not very different from TeX copyright:
"You must not do any change that makes it to not pass the trip test"

However, it should be possible to not preserve the functionality etc. etc. 
as you distribute it under another name.

Otherwise it would be non-free, IMHO.

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