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Re: Can't find libappindicator3-1 on bullseye!

Read the following website:


It suggests to install libappindicator from Debian stretch using dpkg  -i package name.deb. Hope it helps.


On Sun., Mar. 7, 2021, 6:37 a.m. Peter Pentchev, <roam@ringlet.net> wrote:
On Sun, Mar 07, 2021 at 03:12:23PM +0800, 大将军王 wrote:
> Hello,
> i installed yesplaymusic package that was&nbsp; from github on my debian
> 11, and i got an error: Can't find the package&nbsp; libappindicator3-1.
> I've checked the package from packages.debian.org, yes it is in buster,
> BUT, i can't find it in bullseye.


Without looking into it, it sounds like you installed an already-built
binary package that was built for an earlier version of Debian. Well,
with time the Debian packages change, some are renamed, some get newer

You should either contact the authors and ask them to rebuild
the package for Debian testing/unstable, or try to build it yourself
from source, so that it picks up the necessary dependencies and

Hope that helps!


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