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[?]List of Best Debian-approved laptops in India

My illustrious List Leaders and solution providers,

My references are here:
{to avoid repetition)

Need your advice and suggestion on the issue. The laptops that I have
are problematic under Debian. Some modified Debian distro like
Knoppix have sorted out some problems that exist with Pure Debian,
like wifi in HP and vesa in HCL Me.

Vesa doesn't work in Debian Buster 10.8, by my blocking Nouveau
through grub.cfg that halts the nvidia graphics chip. The string
'xmodule=vesa' doesn't work either.

Debian nvidia drivers, as ever, fails to install.

The nvidia drivers 64bit downloaded from nvidia website don't work.
The problematic Hardware:
(1) VGA compatible controller : NVIDIA Corporation MCP79 [GeForce
8200M G] (rev b1) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])
(2) Audio device : NVIDIA Corporation MCP79 High Definition Audio (rev b1)

So information would be welcome. This time I wish to buy a laptop that
shall not be DND, but Debian approved.


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