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[?]Identify BT Card, enable BT to pair with BT enabled Loudspeaker

The Team Laptop,
The Team User,

My dear illustrious Team Leaders,

Good morning.

I need help with BT card identification in my laptop, enable it and
pair it with a BT enabled loudspeaker.

My daughter, a Graphic Designer, does this so easily with her Doze
laptop. Why should it be a problem with Linux, as all the core device
programs are in assembly and c?

I have posted my query as usual in the Debian forums, but that being a
cacophonic fish market, wouldn't yield an encouraging result, as
usual. The post is here:

I assure you that, as always, I shall post a [Solved] post in the
Debian Forums in the end of this experience for future users.

Rajib Bandopadhyay
A dedicated Debian and Knoppix user

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