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Re: LENOVO IdeaPad L340-17

I have a T540p, running Debian since 2017Apr: 
 Jessie, Stretch, Buster by the end of the year.
It's been mostly wonderful.
I did have an issue going from Jessie to Stretch:  efibootmgr unable to write to firmware NVRAM, resulting in no boot.
Not sure whether Lenovo, or I was to blame.

On 10/31/19 10:18 PM, Larry McNaughton wrote:
I have a Lenovo ThinkPad T450 and a ThinkPad E520 and they both run Debian 10 Buster flawlessly, the only configuration I had to do was adding some extensions and tweaking with the tweak tool.

On Thu, 31 Oct 2019 at 05:13, A. Kapetanovic <aka@alphanet.ch> wrote:

Has please someone experiance with Lenovo ? I am looking a LENOVO IdeaPad 
L340-17 and wonder what it can be with debian.


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