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Re: ➪Help stop stealing and robbery of organs from people.📭debian-laptop@lists.debian.orgc

yeah, yeah, communists eating people, rape children, summon satan,
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2019-06-13 6:38 GMT+05:00, Urgent India SOS <news01@kindzhenfa.info>:
> 😩debian-laptop@lists.debian.orgt
> Dear Friend,
> We require your help. China’s communist regime commits huge misdeeds. It
> keeps prisoners of conscious as a bank of organs and on a request, covertly
> removes their organs to sell them. Please sign the plea on our website
> "infouncensoredchina.mobi" against organ harvesting in China. We need your
> voice to stop these misdeeds.
> "When human organs become a commodity"
> The number of organs theft victims in China is approaching 100,000 while the
> media remain silent
> A new book by American author Ethan Gutmann , The Slaughter: Mass Killings,
> Organ Harvesting, and China’s Secret Solution to Its Dissident Problem,
> reveals the details of the Chinese communist regime’s highly profitable way
> of murder for profit. Organs are taken from living prisoners of conscience
> in China, primarily Falun Gong (Falun Dafa)* followers , and sold to rich
> Chinese and foreigners.
> The Slaughter explains how the Chinese government can quietly eliminate
> those who they feel pose a threat to the regime while at the same time
> making a substantial profit. According to Mr. Gutmann , the death toll is
> approaching 100,000.
> Dr. Jeff Zaltzman, director of kidney transplants at St. Michael’s Hospital
> in Toronto, has had at the very least 50 patients go to China for
> transplants: “I had one young man who had two scars. The first kidney that
> was transplanted n China didn’t work, and within a couple of days, he
> already had a second transplant. That would never happen in Canada,”
> Zaltzman said. What is happening in China has created a third kind of donor
> that is not found in developed countries like Canada. This other type is the
> "living dead."
> Conclusive evidence of what is happening in hospitals in China has flooded
> the Internet, but for political reasons and economic interests , media all
> over the world prefer to keep silent about it. But , it is difficult to hide
> what is happening when it is being done on such a massive scale.
> Former Canadian MP David KIlgour and human rights lawyer David Matas have
> compiled more than 50 pieces of evidence that verify what once were only
> allegations. In the Report of the Canadian Human Rights Defenders, Kilgour
> and Matas note that the number of harvesting organs in China shot up
> dramatically in 1999, the same year the persecution of Falun Gong was
> launched and millions were illegally imprisoned. There were no other
> explanations found for the increase.
> Edward McMillan-Scott, the Vice-President of the European Parliament who
> visited China in May 2006, interviewed witnesses and confirmed reports about
> organ harvesting. Kirk Allison, director of the program in human rights and
> health at the University of Minnesota, came to the same conclusion after his
> own investigation.
> * Falun Gong (Falun Dafa) is a cultivation practice that teaches the
> fundamental principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance .
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