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Re: ThinkPad T60p X11 driver problems

dekkzz78@gmail.com wrote:
> Glad to see you fixed it, but a question are you running in DRI3 mode?

No.  It I am sure it defaults to DRI2 mode.  (Pretty sure anyway.  I
no longer have immediate access to that machine.  I'll see it again
soon enough though.  If I learn otherwise later I will update this
with a correction.)

However the benchmarks I have seen (phoronix site) don't show a
compelling reason to enable DRI3 for me.  The most pressing thing that
machine will be doing will be the web browser.  So I will let it stay
with the defaults.  But perhaps others should try it and benchmark and
see if it benefits them.

> I just found my T60p was running only in DRI2 mode and a few simple changes
> to xorg.conf enabled DRI3
> in device section set DRI3 to True is all it needs.

I assume you haven't seen any stability issues in DRI3 mode?  If not
then that is good to hear.  Maybe they should make that the default
mode moving forward.

Thanks for mentioning that DRI2 is the default and DRI3 may be
optionally enabled.  That is a good tidbit to know.


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