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Re: ThinkPad T60p X11 driver problems


I abandoned my TP60 many years ago but i remember the prorietary fglrx driver for X worked best, in comparison the alternate free X driver was not optimized. However at some point fglrx was no more supported. There might be ways to insert it from some package archive, though. Look for stuff with 'legacy' in its name.
You would need to (create and) insert the driver name ('fglrx') into /etc/X11/xorg.conf manually too.
Usually such tings ends up in hassles though ... 

(I had many optimizations there, but then i gave my TP60 away and i think they reinstalled a Windows 7 so i can't look up the configs)

> IBM ThinkPad T60p
> Intel T2600 cpu (32-bits)
> AMD/ATI RV530/M56 GL Mobility FireGL V5200 graphics
> Fresh install of Debian Stretch 9.  X11 starts in software rendering
> mode.  The same laptop with Ubuntu 16.04 runs with hardware rendering.
> Any hints on how what is needed for hardware rendering with this
> hardware combination in Debian?  I am sure this hardware used to be
> fully supported and therefore hardware support must have been dropped
> at some point.
> Bob

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