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Re: No Ethernet and no Wi-Fi after "apt-get dist-upgrade"

On November 25, 2017 12:09 PM, "Patrice" <mailinglist@pboenig.de> wrote:

>> yesterday I upgraded my Laptop, an IBM T520 with Jessie installed.
>> It´s now running on 3.16.04.  After the reboot the Wi-fi and Ethernet
>> connection were gone, and I can`t connect to anything.  I don`t know
>> where to search or look to find out what`s wrong.
>> Do you have any ideas?

I had this exact same problem recently when moving from Jessie to Stretch.

It was caused by the fact that Stretch uses 'systemd', which automatically
renames both 'eth0' and 'wlan0' at boot time.  The new names will depend
on your particular setup, but can be found by typing

   ls /sys/class/net/

The renamed 'eth0' should start with the letter 'e', and 'wlan0' with 'w'.

Check your file  /etc/network/interfaces  and replace any occurences of
the the old names with the new names.  For safety, maybe make a backup
of the original  /etc/network/interfaces  first.

Reboot, and ( with fingers crossed! ) see if it now works.

Good Luck! -- Joseph

Joseph Manning / Computer Science / UCC Cork Ireland / manning@cs.ucc.ie

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