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Lenovo Y520 and Debian?

Has anyone installed Debian on a Lenovo Legion Y520?  The Debian Installation Manual for Stretch makes it sound straight-forward to do in general: repartitioning the disk on the fly, dealing with UEFI, and being sure to turn off secure boot. That sounds like it could create a dual-boot or a Linux-only machine.

But It doesn't mention the fake RAID aka Intel RST.  Are there instructions that take that into account?

I'm willing to consider leaving the partition that seems to be on the SSD alone (it's /Windows, I believe) and split the 1.8TB partition into something like 300 GB for Windows, something for /boot, something for / (perhaps 500 GB?), and the rest for /home.  

If it's both easy and foolproof enough, I'm also open to wiping out everything and installing Stretch.  I've set up dual boot on the last 2 or 3 machines I've had and then almost never booted Windows.  If a Debian-only box worked, I guess I could put / on the SSD (or, better, the fake RAID) and have a faster machine.  Can you update the BIOS from Linux?  



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