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Debian Laptop Suggestions

I just found this list and would like to ask for suggestions for buying a laptop to run Debian Linux for college.  I don't care if it's new or used.  I looked at buying a Pi Top but the cost seems high for something you have to buy a CPU to get it working.  I already have two Raspberry Pi machines running the Raspbian port of Debian and really like them.  I don't want to carry my Mac or an expensive machine to college as I don't want it to be stolen.  I don't want to buy a machine where I have to pay for a copy of Windows I'll never use.

I bought an Ubuntu PowerSpec N108 tower I use at home but when I installed Debian on it, it would crash whenever I logged out or the screen saver started.  I don't want to buy a laptop that has similar problem with Debian.  I suspect the problem is with the Intel graphics chip because it doesn't have any other graphics hardware.  I hope it isn't because of the Celeron CPU.

Thank you very much everyone!

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