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Re: bluetooth mouse


> I have experiend with one or two different of the childrens BT mouses that
> they stop working after a few minutes in Linux Mint, but found out that I
> have to hit left (or maybe it was the right button) mouse button to get
> them working again a few minutes.

Doesn't work here.

Maybe your childrens mice powererd down on their side. But this is not my situation.

My mouse have "pairin  button" and of course i'm activating this, and it does the pairing blink thing, but still, is not scanned by bluez / linux kernel.

As for the Windows 10 probblem (suddenly dropping the link) - this is most probably unrelated. Here, even amidst a move / drag / click the pairing connection suddenly is dropped. Strange enough it re-connects only with new pairing entry in the device list (probably with different hardware ID or so?), so i got more than 10 "coupled" entries, and only one of them "connected". 
My newest theory is, it happens with intense WIFI activity (on a slow link which requires strong sender signal, on 2.4 and 5 GHz, maybe kind of interferences, or circuit power fail ?) and after i switched WIFI off, so far, the BT link did not drop anymore. 
But i can't be sure about this yet, it could be random, and even if i was right, it would still be totally weird.

> low-energy - Isn't it just Bluetooth LE (Low Enegy) - can be Bluetooth 4.x.

I think its the newest specifictaion since it's newly bought. But it didn't come with any docu (and no CD either) besides the health warnings, probably Microsoft does not expect any problems requiring RTFM ...

> But no hint on why it don't work in Debian.

Also not in arch-linux. No more tests - that's all i have available right now.

I wonder if there's some patent magic behind it. After all it's a microsoft mouse ...

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