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Re: Issues resuming from hibernation

As I wrote in a previous message, I solved the WiFi issue. However, I've 
recently noticed another problem affecting the display.

If I turn the lid when the monitor is on, everything works fine--the laptop 
hibernates, and when it resumes I get the monitor on.

If the monitor is already off (it switches off after several minutes of 
inactivity) and then I close the lid, when the laptop resumes it starts 
normally, the monitor turns on temporarily (I see boot messages), but in the 
end it goes off again and there is no way to switch it on. I have to turn the 
computer off and reboot it.

What can cause the problem? Is there a command to switch on the monitor just 
before the system starts to hibernate? I'm thinking of putting that command in 
a script in /usr/lib/systemd/system-sleep/


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