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Re: Installing Debian on NVMe Dirive with killer E2400 ethernet next to Impossible!!!!

Ok I finally got it to work, here is the procedure, I hope it helps someone:

Step 1 start the installation with the Debian DVD and go through it unitl it sais Grub failed

Step 2 in a separate USB memory and with a working debian system do:

sudo apt-get -t jessie-backports download grub-efi-amd64
sudo apt-get -t jessie-backports download grub2-common
sudo apt-get -t jessie-backports download grub-efi-amd64-bin
sudo apt-get -t jessie-backports download efibootmngr
sudo apt-get -t jessie-backports download libefvar0

sudo apt-get -t jessie-backports download linux-base
sudo apt-get -t jessie-backports download Initramfs-tools
sudo apt-get -t jessie-backports download linux-image-4XXXXXXX (i dont remember 
just pick your 4.x image)

Step3 on the system that you are installing go into a terminal 

cd /target
mount --rbind /sys sys/
mount --rbind /dev dev/
mount --rbind /run run/
chroot . /bin/bash

Step 4 insert your usb and do cd /var/ ls and figure out its name usually /dev/sdb1

Step 5 mount your usb with the packages
mkdir ./cosas 
mount /dev/sdb1 ./cosas
cd cosas

Step 6 start installing the linux kernel packages, then the grub starting in this order

Step 7

Step 8
exit the console by typing exit

step 9 
finish the installation 

step 10 

step 11 Enjoy.

On Sun, Oct 23, 2016 at 1:34 PM, Matus UHLAR - fantomas <uhlar@fantomas.sk> wrote:
On 23.10.16 12:38, Humberto Hassey wrote:
Hello I am a Debian user and just bought a nice laptop from system 76, I
wiped ubuntu and proceed to install Debian, well it turns our that Debian
does not recognize my network card, and the Grub packed on the installer
does not recognize the NVMe drive correctly, so I can not boot, nor connect
to the internet.

I love Debian and would hate to leave because my Hw was not supported, I
know that the kernel 4 does support NVMe drives and that there is a grub
package in backports that does too, but how in the world can I install

I tried getting a shell from the install DVD and chrooting into the
installation to install the previously downloaded grub-efi-amd64 and
linux-image 4.7xxx from backports, but the installation fails saying there
are unmet dependencies...

this page mentions patch for ubuntu to make the driwer work:


It could work for debian too (ubuntu is de facto repackaged debian).
seems the killer e2400 card is just alx network card, just with different
PCI ID, so the kernel doesn't know...

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