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Macbook Pro mid 2012 - Compiled kernel and configuration

(Fowarding my email from debian-user's list)

Hi all,

I finally managed to get Debian properly working on my Macbook Pro. I
have seen many users having lots of issues (heating, video-card and etc).
I have been compiling the Kernel (stable, directly from kernel.org) and
disabling lots of unused modules for the Macbook Pro. I also managed to
get nouveau's driver nicely working and preventing video card heat
issues. I am compiling the kernel every time there is a new version. For
those interrested, you can find my the kernel and headers here [1].
I am also providing [2] my X11 config and other systemd scripts to
prevent any heating issues and etc.
I have tested and compiled this kernel on the current Debian testing.
Any questions I would be happy to help/answer.


Ben Mezger

[1] - https://code.benmezger.nl/?p=deb-packages.git;a=tree
[2] - https://code.benmezger.nl/?p=sys-config.git;a=tree

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